T he design of the garden is based on two vistas that cross each other with a square angle. Both accesses to the rose garden are marked by wonderful lavender checked flower-beds. The side exits of this garden are marked with four stone weaved obelisks covered with climbing roses and clematis.
The first vista crosses a rose garden. The old climbing roses are running on chains that are linking wooden posts, in the middle of which a XVII° century sun-dial is nested. The vista will guide your eyes towards a rose bower enclosed by old roses edges, in the middle of which lies a bench awaiting for you and your reverie.

T he second vista starts from the sun-dial and ends to the statue of the faun. This magnificent vista runs through orderly mulberry bushes, a couple of stone lions and a small pond.

T his garden is planted with hedges of yew-trees, trimmed to the state of the topiary art. The result is that side beauties of this garden that are nested in intimate chambers can only be discovered when wandering through the alleys. These chambers host old and English roses, perennials, magnolias, bulbs and flowers.