W hen the present owners acquired the manor, no historical documentation was available for the Country's archives burnt in WW2.As a consequence the present owners decided to design the gardens around the manor with the collaboration of the landscape gardener Alain Ridhert.
The magnificent gardens have been designed in perfect harmony with the existing trees, the old lime-tree alley and the remains of tne former moats.Although each of the various gardens has its owh style and charm, the wanderer feels an overall harmony, as if an invisible thread was guiding him through the various parts of the estate. Originally, the estate was circa 1500 acres. Time, sales and inheritance reduced it to 6 acres. As a consequence, the present size of the estate led the owners to design several perspectives to provide embracing views of the gardens.
Wanderers are guided by the delicate murmur of the water cascading from the fountains, and the fragrances of the flowers: old roses, viburnums, peonies and so on. Like in an 18th century picture, three main colors brighten the gardens: blue,yellow, and pink; all of them in a green jewel-case spotted by delicate white touches.