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I nitially a small fort early in the 13th century, it was successively altered but remained in the same family till the early 19th century.At the end of the 17th century,Antoine Louis Duprdé de Saint Maur turned the small fort into the elegant manor that can be admired today by Antoine Louis Dupré de Saint Maur. Among the well known owners, the Grand Courtoiseau belonged to Jean Baptiste Augustin in 1819, who was Louis XVI and Napoléon I famous miniature-painter. Later it owned to Augustin de la Fontaine de Coincy,a famous naturalist who added a winter garden and a small green house next to the manor. More recently, in 1972 it was acquired by Hervé Bazin, one of the most famous French writer, then sold to the present owners, who decided to restore the magnificence of its gardens with the talented collaboration of the landscape gardener Alain Richert.